Deposit from members by Private Company

Principal sections for acceptance of deposit are section 73-76 Acceptance of deposit from members by Private Company is subject to passing of special resolution in general meeting of the company and on such terms and conditions as specified and provided for in the section .

COMPANY LAW : 05-03-2020

Tax Saving Investments

Tax savings investments carry dual benefits as they reduce the tax liability and income is earned on investments made.

TAXATION : 05-03-2020

Annual General Meeting

As per section 96(1) Every Company, other than OPC, must hold a general meeting (AGM) in each year apart from other meetings. The time Interval between two AGM cannot be more than 15 Months and also should be held within 6 months from the closing of the Financial Year.

COMPANY LAW : 04-03-2020

Audit of Liaison Office

Liaison Office is like a representative office of a company incorporated outside India. Establishment of Liaison Office in India require RBI approvals.

TAXATION : 04-02-2020